Hi, I'm Lexi!

I'm so excited you've found me!

I'm an "all my life" photographer... I've been passionate about photography all my life! I went to college for film and photography, and I left my job in 2017 to start my business after shooting weddings for less than a year.

I'm not self taught, I've studied the art since I could get my hands on a camera and I'm passionate about delivering high quality products.

my dream?

I want to work in the film or commercial industry as a director of photography

Lexi Henry Weddings is a husband and wife led-team of passionate and hardworking individuals. Unfortunately our assistant was fired because he wasn't strong enough to carry our tripods. He also peed his pants too much. Ok ok our "assistant" is our son, Carson. (pictured above)

Candid moments, hugs, laughter, and goofy mishaps are our bread and butter! Our style is artistic documentary; I don't like making you fake things for the perfect photo or video clip. We document your life as it happens!

imperfections = perfect images

Whether it be family photos, wedding video trailers, senior portraits, or anything in-between, we're your #1 choice for photography & videography!



“As soon as I met Lexi I knew she would be the best person to capture our special day & I was right! Lexi has a way to make magic happen behind the lens & her photos tell a story, which I love!”